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Guar Gum is relatively cost effective as compared to other thickeners and stabilizers along with it being an effective binder, plasticizer and emulsifier. One of the important properties of guar gum, a polysaccharide, is that it is high on galactose and mannose. Guar gum is also known as guarkernmehl, guaran, goma guar, gomme guar, gummi guar and galactomannan. Endosperm of guar seeds are used in many sectors of industries like mining, petroleum, textile, food products, feed Products, Pet Food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water treatment, oil & gas well drilling and fracturing, explosives, confectioneries and many more. Since a long time Guar Gum can be also named as a hydrocolloid, is treated as the key product for humans and animals as it has a very high nourishing property.

Guar Gum is mainly used as a 

ƒ Natural thickener
ƒ Emulsifier
ƒ Stabiliser
ƒ Bonding agent
ƒ Hydrocolloid
ƒ Gelling agent
ƒ Soil Stabiliser
ƒ Natural fiber
ƒ Flocculants
ƒ Fracturing agen

Guar Gum for Food Industries 

Guar gum is one of the best thickening additives, emulsifying additives and stabilizing additives. In Food Industry Guar gum is used as gelling, viscosifying, thickening, clouding, and binding agent as well as used for stabilization, emulsification, preservation, water retention, enhancement of water soluble fiber content etc.

 Some food products in which guar gum powder is used: 

ƒ Ice Cream, soft drinks & concentrates, puddings
ƒ Chocolate milk, flavoured milks
ƒ Jams, jellies, fruit spreads, jelly sweets
ƒ Bread, biscuit and other baked foods
ƒ Ham and sausages
ƒ Soft cheese and cheese spreads
ƒ Canned or retorted food of fish and meat
ƒ Myonnaise, ketchup, sauce and dressings
ƒ Noodles and pasta

In Frozen Food Products: 
Guar gum reduces crystal formation, act as a binder & stabilizer to extend shelf
life of Ice-cream.
In Baked Food Products:
 Guar gum provides unparallel moisture preservation to the dough and retards fat
penetration in baked foods.
In Dairy Products:
 Guar Gum improves texture, maintains uniform viscosity and color.

Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder 

Guar is also known as Cluster Bean (cyamopsis Tetragonoloba) a drought hardly
leguminous crop. Guar is being grown for seed, green fodder, vegetable and green
manuring. It is an annual plant about 4 feet high, vertically stacked, large leaves and clusters of pods. The pods are used as a green vegetable or as a cattle feed besides the industrial extraction of Guar gum.

Properties of Guar Gum: 

• It is soluble in cold water.
• It has strong hydrogen bonding properties.
• It has excellent thickening, emulsion, stabilizing and film forming properties.
• It has excellent stability to control rheology by water phase management.

Guar Gum is used as:

• Natural thickener
• Emulsifier
• Stabilizer
• Bonding agent
• Hydrocolloid
• Gelling agent
• Natural Fiber
• Fracturing agent

The natural fast hydrating, dispersible and diesel slurriable guar gum is ideally suitable for all rheological requirements of oil well drilling, continuous fracturing and diesel slurry. It is widely used in oil well drilling due to its multi-function such as fluid and water loss control, viscosity control, lubrication. It is used for cooling of drill bits, mud drilling and cementing slurries, where immediate high viscosity and quick hydration is required. The main use of guar gum is in top hole oil well drilling. Industrial grade guar gum powder is suitable for use in oil well fracturing, oil well stimulation, mud drilling and serves as a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent.
In oil well drilling guar gum used as a surfactant, fracturing fluid and synthetic polymer for all requirements of water based and brine based oil well drills. It attains high viscosity in 3 to5 minutes of time. 
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