Monday, July 28, 2014


ACI AGRO SOLUTION utilizes local workers that have experience in guar cultivation and irrigation. These workers plant, tend and harvest the crop. The manager ensures workers are reliable and knowledgeable. Once harvested, the seeds are transported to a local processor so the endosperm can be ground into guar gum, and the residual sold/used as fertilizer for the next crop.
With the support of carefully selected guar agriculture experts from two key universities, the company focusses on continuous monitoring of soil conditions, irrigation needs and subjects the crop to ongoing oversight from seed to harvest by aggregating information in order to continuously improve operations and to increase yield as much as possible. Our research and development consultants work on techniques to increase quality and quantity of guar gum products. The company also aims to participate in R & D proposals from any innovators in the guar growing industry, and aims to fund the most promising proponents.
Areas of research are planned to include the following:
• Crop production in different climatic conditions
• Crop production utilizing differing water availability
• High yield varieties
• High gum percentage variety
• Short duration crops
• Disease and pest resistance
• Improvement in the size and boldness of seed
• Mechanization of guar cultivation
• Innovations in guar storage facilities
• Efficient gum extraction technology
• Increase in scope of application of guar seeds and gum
• Marketing and processing infrastructure
The Company continues to foster strong relationships with officials in India’s agriculture ministry. Funding government-led research projects will ensure ACI AGRO SOLUTION is at the forefront of developments in the industry and in full regulatory compliance.
ACI AGRO closely monitors the market and aims to sell at a strong market price or store the product if there is instability or uncertainty – ensuring the company remains profitable while working on innovations to enhance growth.
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