Saturday, September 26, 2015

Guar Pre-Sowing Price Forecast

To help the farmers in taking a Sowing decision for Guar, the expected prices of Guar during Nov. 2015- Jan., 2016 (At the time of Harvest) have been forecasted. The price forecasting is taken up by Institute of Agribusiness Management, SKRAU, Bikaner under the aegis of NIAP under the project of Network Project on Market Intelligence.
The Institute of Agribusiness Management SKRAU, Bikaner analysed the past 10 years Wholesale Model prices data (Nov., 2015- Jan., 2016) that prevailed in Sriganganagar market and interacted with of experienced persons and traders of this market in order to assist the farmers in better decision making. The results of the sophisticated scientific analysis revealed that the prices of good quality guar at the time of arvesting (Nov. 2015- Jan.2016) will hover around Rs.4200-4500/- per quintal in Sriganganagar and Bikaner that is main market of Guar. 
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