Tuesday, February 26, 2013

guar cultivation in karnataka

ACI AGRO SOLUTION is The leading agriculture consultancy of india We provide complete consultancy of medicinal and aromatic herbs, plantaion, processing, trading, export, import, Guar is a native to the Indian subcontinent. Guar is grown mainly in India, Pakistan, United States and also in some part of Africa and Australia.In old times, Guar was only used as rich protein to feed cattle. It is also used as green vegetable in India. After Second World War there was major shortage of locust bean gum which adversely affected the textile and paper industries. At that time Guar Gum was found as the most suitable substitute for scarce locust bean gum. In 1953 the extraction technology of guar gum was commercialized in USA and India after decade of period.We provide complete solution for the guar cultivation, guar gum production and guar gum supply. Please contact us.
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