Saturday, September 7, 2013

Guar production Areas

It is mainly grown in areas of India (Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat and Punjab), Pakistan, Sudan, and USA. India produces 6.0-7.5 lakh tons of guar annually. It contributes to around 80% share in the world’s total production. In India, Rajasthan and Haryana states contribute 85% of the total production. In Rajasthan, the districts where guar production is done are Churu, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Barmer, Nagaur, Hanumangarh, Jodhpur, Ganganagar, Jaipur, Sirohi, Dausa, Jhunjhunu and Sikar. The districts in Haryana indulged in the production of guar are Bhiwani, Sirsa, Mahendragarh and Rewari and the districts in Gujarat are Kutch, Banaskantha, Mehsana, Sabarkantha and Ahmedabad. Jodhpur city in Rajasthan is one of the major processing centers of guar gum in India. Various exporters and manufacturers export guar splits, guar gum powder and its derivatives all over the world. India’s export of guar gum has witnessed a 45 per cent increase between the years 2000-01 and 2005-06. The country's export of guar gum was 186,718.4 MT during the year 2005-06. The net worth of the Indian exports is estimated around INR 10.5 Billion. The consumption of guar seeds is largely influenced by the demands from the petroleum industry of United States of America and China. Guar and Guar derivatives are quite useful in the petroleum drilling and fracturing industries. The major importing countries of guar gum and its derivatives are USA, Germany, Italy, China, Denmark, France, UK, Netherlands, Japan and South Africa
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