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Guar is basically a crop that is cultivated mostly in the arid and semi arid areas as it is drought resistant. That is why the Southern Asian continent suits well to the cultivation of this crop especially the Indian subcontinent. The powder made after refining the gum obtained from the plant makes an important raw material in many industries. This powder has some unique characteristics like grease resistance, thickening agent, capacity to bind water, high viscosity and the capability to function in low temperatures which makes it a highly popular in those sectors. Among other by- products of guar, guar gum powder is the main marketable commodity.
India has been a major player in the context of guar and guar gum in the global market.India’s production contributes to 80% of the world’s total production figuring up to 6 lakh tons.Rajasthan wholly retains the credit for India’s position producing 70% of the production itself.Guar is largely consumed as a vegetable in the Indian subcontinent. It is also used in making pickles.25000 tons of the total production in the country constitutes to the domestic market.
Guar gum has a vast range of industrial applications and the major share of demand comes from various industrial sectors only.
India is the leading net exporter of guar seeds and guar gum. The country exports over 117000 tons of guar and its derivatives, which is comprised by 33000 tons of refined split guar gum, and 84000 tons of treated and pulverized guar gum.
The net worth of the Indian exports is estimated over Rs 500 crores.
The production list of guar is dominated by India as a leading producer of this crop. The consumption pattern of guar seeds is largely influenced by the demands from the petroleum industry of United States of America and the oil fields in the Middle East as the derivative products of these seeds are quite useful in the petroleum drilling industries.
United States alone constitute to around 40 thousand tons of guar and its derivatives demand.
Also, in rest of the world, the trend of consumption has increased with time that has lead to the introduction of this crop in many countries.

The major importing countries of Indian Guar Gum and its derivatives are

United States of America,Germany,France,United Kingdom,South Africa,Netherlands,
Italy,Japan,T Canada, China, Chile, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom,  Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Mexico.
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